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1) What is Spade Crete?

- Spade Crete is a synthetic product formed on site. It looks like slate, rock, stone, marble, cobblestone, brick or tile. You choose the style, the color, and the grout color. Pick from one of our samples or design your own! Perfect for exterior or interior, residential or commercial, and can be applied to any hard surface. This great product is not affected by extreme heat or freezing temperatures. It's so strong that it's difficult to penetrate with a regular drill bit! When customers compare this product to pavers or stamped concrete, Spade Crete wins every time.

2) What colors are available?

- The combinations are endless! You choose the style and the colors with our designer.

3) Where can I install Spade Crete?

- Initially, we did Sidewalks, Patios, And Driveways, Etc., and that's how the name S-P-A-D-E was created. But now, over 50% of our work is interior work (commercial and residential).

4) How long does Spade Crete last?

- It can last a lifetime. Exterior installations should be re-glazed every 6-8 years. It's fairly simple to re-glaze; you can even re-glaze it yourself.

5) Is Spade Crete affected by weather?

- Minimally. It is resistant to hot desert temperatures and cold arctic freezes. It is not affected by water. In fact, we have installed Spade Crete designs and logos on the bottom of pools!

6) Can you drive a car on it?

- Absolutely. You can walk on it after 24 hours, drive a car on it after 72 hours, and drive an 18-wheeler on it after 96 hours. In fact, it is so strong that it is difficult to drill into it with a regular drill bit!

7) Do you offer financing?

- Yes, we do offer easy payment plans starting at 0%. Please call 1-800-913-1617 for details.

8) Do you give free quotes?

- Absolutely. The only thing we ask is that you have the financial ability and the desire to have Spade Crete installed in the near future. Compared to painting or staining concrete, Spade Crete definitely costs more.

9) How long does it take to install, from start to finish?

- It generally takes minimum of 3 days after the prep work has been performed.

10) How slippery is Spade Crete?

- We can make it as smooth as glass or as rough as coarse sandpaper. You decide.

11) Does it crack?

- Providing Spade Crete is placed on a solid surface, the answer is no. Our product is as strong as the material it is bonded to. We will repair existing shrinkage crack areas during prep work.

12) How does engine oil or miscellaneous spills affect Spade Crete?

- Any liquid is hard to penetrate our thick glazing, and it is very simple to clean up spills.

13) Is Spade Crete indestructible?

- Nothing is indestructible, but with reasonable care, your surface will easily last a lifetime.

14) How hard is it to clean?

- A wet mop (with or without dish soap) will easily remove dirt and allow the glazing to remain brilliant.

15) Can you drop a bowling ball from 10 feet high on Spade Crete?

Yes, you can! We're not responsible for the damage to your bowling ball.

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